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Family Law and Litigation

Mr. Levin has over 20 years of successful professional experience conducting Family Law for his clients, including the following specialties:

  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Pre/Post Nuptial Agreements
  • Same Sex Marriage/Divorce
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Enforcement of Support
  • Business Valuation and Distribution
  • Family Law Mediation
  • Interstate Custody Cases

Entertainment Law

Mr. Levin has over 20 years of successful professional experience acting as legal counsel for entertainers/artists, with specialties including:

  • Entertainment Related Contracts
  • Copyright Law and Litigation
  • Licensing
  • Payments and Distribution of Payment Litigation

Mr. Levin brings a unique perspective to his entertainment law practice by acting both as an attorney and a professional musician for the platinum selling recording artists Dokken. In this capacity, Mr. Levin knows the insights from both the entertainer and the legal standpoint, which provides invaluable knowledge to his clients. This experience has long proven to enhance Mr. Levin's ability to deliver favorable results for his clients.

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My daughter was going through a terrible divorce and the attorney representing was not making progress. When we replaced counsel with Jon he immediately took charge and brought the matter to resolution. Jon is extremely knowledgeable, assertive and realistic. He really helped my daughter stay focused, understanding fully her options as well as the potential cost benefit of each option.

Jon is a very compassionate person and make certain my daughters needs were fully met. I highly recommend Jon if you need representation.

D.Z., California 


Jon Levin has been my attorney for over 20 years. His attention to detail and dedication to his clients, as well as myself, has been exceptional. Unlike other attorneys I have dealt with, Jon has always taken my calls no matter how busy he is. Additionally, he explains the details to me in layman’s terms, whether personal or corporate issues, which has been extremely helpful. I highly recommend Jon Levin to anyone in need of a family law or entertainment law attorney. He is excellent at both.

D.D., California


There's not much more I can say about Jonathan Levin except that he is an excellent attorney. I was recently threatened with a lawsuit that was erroneous and felt like a scam. Mr. Levin stepped in and did his best legal work to make this situation go away. In the end, you only hire a lawyer to gain a result, and Mr. Levin delivered. He's an outstanding lawyer, as well as being pleasant and easy to deal with. He explains things in a way that a non-legal mind can grasp so you don't feel like you are giving your retainer money without any understanding on where it's going. I would recommend Mr. Levin to anyone.

C.A., Ohio